How to Get Over a Broken Heart - Grief Comes in Stages, What Are They?

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There are essentially five stages of grief you'll experience while learning how to get over a broken heart. Grief, unfortunately, the hard way is about the only way you can learn this cruel life lesson. No matter what caused your broken heart, going through some or all of these five stages of grief is probably the only way you can manage to go through it on your on.

Can these five stages of grief help you in your efforts to overcome your own broken heart?

1) Denial. For many this is the first stage and it's where you convince yourself that it can't be happening. Most especially, it can't be happening to you. It's a difficult step but often necessary before making the other steps work for you.

2) Anger. You'll hear about this a lot in movies. This is where plates and statues get smashed, cars get beaten with baseball bats, and pillows get the stuffing pulled out of them (beaten might be a better word). In other words this is a painful and emotionally charged phase. Blessedly it is a relatively short phase because there are so few people able to handle the constant flood of criticism and requests.

3) Bargaining. Whether you are making bargains with God or your ex this a phase that can be destructive if not watched carefully. Don't make bargains you can't keep and avoid, whenever possible making those you aren't really interested in keeping. Also avoid coming across as desperate in the process to save face and to prevent tongues from wagging whenever possible.

4) Depression. This is the stage where you'll want a witness nearby. That witness needs to be someone who knows you will and wants the best for you. Depression can lead to dark thoughts and even darker deeds when not properly supervised. Sadness is expected but if it lingers or you can't seem to snap out of it, it's a good idea to get help.

5) Acceptance. This is the golden fleece everyone hopes for when going through these five stages of grief. Acceptance will always be the final stage and it means that you are truly ready to move on whether you've realized it or not. Congratulations for making it this far!

It's not enough to simply learn how to get over a broken heart. Grief means different things to different people and you need to surround yourself with those who know you best until you have a good handle on the situation.

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How to Get Over a Broken Heart - Grief Comes in Stages, What Are They?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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