How To Let Go Of Grief.

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When we are faced with the moment of losing something, whether it be a job, loved one, or a way of being, it can act as a catalyst of reversion.  Leading us on a path away from ourselves.  It is almost as if in order to deal with it we must lose ourselves as well.  To be present is harder than letting go of the situation and falling into what overwhelms us.  To see ourselves clearly in these moments helps to exist with what is happening.  By letting go of ourselves we lose the hold of not only of our own reality but of what is true.  It is almost as if we prefer to hide in the moment that most scares us, than see it for what it is so that we can move on.  This does make sense, for to admit that we have lost something means that it has really happened.  But admitting it is often the first step of recovery into the present, it is allows us to come back to our life.  To dwell too deeply without acceptance holds nothing more than a quicker exit from the truth.

It is true that some forms of loss are too staggering to see clearly or to accept them for what they are.  But these are the most important times, because they can have a life-altering existence.  When things move away from us permanently, we seek not the truth of the situation but rather the reality and resistance in our minds and hearts.  Truth gets covered up by emotion and protecting ourselves.  This in itself overwhelms us to a point where fear keeps us from letting go.  The reality of life is movement, changing courses whether permanent or impermanent.  Life moves on in the way it is supposed to.  By blocking the movement, by holding ourselves in sorrow and deep remorse we can not move forward.  This blocks so much from happening, because at some time you will accept what has happened and it is up to you how you allow yourself to heal.  It is important to know that however deep you bury yourself in grief, it truly does not need to take as long to recover.

By letting go of resistance to what has happened, you begin to move forward.  By giving your self the chance to open your eyes and to see the light of a new beginning for yourself, free from the revolving moment of loss, you will not set yourself free.  This path is not endless, it is not forever.  Your loss is real, but it is your choice how strongly it will affect you and for how long.  I know it can be deep and feel limitless, but you are the one that gives it this power and intensity.  Letting go has stages, but it is the beginning that will give you relief.  Letting go of the grief and sadness of living in that state of being will help you beyond measure.  From this place you will begin to see and remember the good parts of what you lost and perhaps gain joy from that.  You will begin to move forward to see joy in life again even without what you have lost.  You will always have the memories and love attached, but you do not need to carry grief and sadness with you as well.  Life is to be lived and keeping those in your heart helps to share the joy of what life is.

Moving forward, letting the weight of grief stay behind, lets you see what you really are missing with clarity.  You can gain insight into the truth of your relationship, your life, and how you choose to live from here on in.  Remember your life, your emotional well-being, and all the possibilities in your future are limitless, full of truth and happiness.  You can let go and still carry the ones you love with you in a way that allows you to be truly happy and existing fully in your own life with peace and emotional freedom.

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How To Let Go Of Grief.

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This article was published on 2011/01/11