The Role of CBT in Tackling Grief

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There is something about life that is quite unique. Life is uncertain and that is what adds to the thrill and the challenge of facing up to it, each and every day. You have ups and downs, joys and sorrows, delight and grief, all rolled into one. However, for many folks, grief is an emotion that they have problems facing up to and dealing with.

There is a great deal of grief you face when you lose someone near and dear. While a lot of people come back to normal after a few days of sorrow and grief, there are some who get into deep depression due to grief. Such people are unable to cope with the acute sense of loss that they may be experiencing. This comes in the way of normal living and regular life, which means that such people need professional help. This professional medical help is in the form of CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is well acclaimed as being effective in helping people wracked by grief.

The practice of CBT is based on the understanding that actions and feelings can be modified based on modification in thoughts. If your thought patterns are positive and healthy, you will feel good and also display good conduct. People who get into a trap of continuous grief can be helped a lot of CBT. CBT helps such people to cope with their grief and come up with strategies to become mentally strong. This is by means of replacing sorrowful thoughts gradually with positive and less melancholic thoughts.

The use of rationality along with emotional healing helps patients who are suffering due to acute grief. The trained CBT counselor is able to help such patients with trying to understand the root causes of the grief. At the same time, coping mechanisms are taught to patients by means of grief counseling such that patients come to grips with the problem.

The process of thought modification is not simple or any quick fix. It can be long drawn out, where the whole thought pattern would need to get altered and uprooted too. This needs a lot of patience on the part of the trained CBT expert and cooperation from the patient. It is this two-way and multi-pronged approach that can deliver the best results in coping with grief.

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Getting a good CBT counselor is getting easier day by day. You can check out many resources online and help out folks who need assistance in form of grief counseling.

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The Role of CBT in Tackling Grief

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This article was published on 2010/04/14